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Enjoy freshly cooked food at our spotlessly clean and well ventilated dining area. Our friendly staff will greet you with big smiles beneath our face coverings! Please note we've moved from Soho, Piccadilly. Our new location is 5 Middlesex Street, E1 7AA 

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We can't wait to see you ☺️
So Restaurant Japanese food delivery takeaway eatin sashimi sushi So Restaurant Japanese food delivery takeaway eatin sashimi sushi So Restaurant Japanese food delivery takeaway eatin sashimi sushi



Middlesex Street has become a pedestrianised street, and we're one of the few Japanese restaurants in UK to offer Al Fresco Dining! This calls for a celebration 🎉  Please do come see us!




for Dining in and Takeaway

LUNCH Tuesday-Saturday 12-3pm

DINNER Thursday-Saturday 5-9pm (last order 8:30pm)

CLOSED Sunday & Monday

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A La Carte Menu

V = vegan


Edamame V 枝豆 £5

fried aromatic lotus root with nori
Fried Aromatic Lotus Root V れんこんの香味揚げ £6

Deep fried crunchy lotus root tossed in nori seaweed flakes

Agedashi Organic Tofu V オーガニック豆腐の揚げ出し £6

Fried organic tofu served in dashi broth with a sprinkle of ao-nori flakes and grated ginger.

iburi gakko cheese
Gakko Cheese がっこチーズ £7

Smoked pickle of daikon radish with cream cheese  

Ganmodoki with Wakatakeni V がんもどきと若竹煮£8

Ganmodoki is Japanese vegan food; tofu with assorted vegetables shaped into a lovely circular cake and deep fried. It is full of flavour and nutrients. This is served with our wakatakeni, bamboo shoots simmered with wakame seaweed. This is a vegan dish

so restaurant london delivery al fresco dining yakitori chicken
Grilled Yakitori Chicken with Negishio Sauce 石焼き鶏 ネギ塩ダレ £14

Chicken grilled over Mt Fuji lava rocks with spring onion negishio sauce 

Miso Marinated Black Cod 銀鱈の西京焼き £30

The legendary Miso Marinated Black Cod is marinated in our special sweet miso and grilled carefully with love. 

Grilled Eel Kabayaki with So Sauce うなぎの蒲焼き £26

Eel grilled on Mt Fuji lava rocks with special sauce

Crunchy Pork Katsu トンカツ £16
Crunchy Pork Miso Katsu £16

So’s special crunchy pork katsu served with homemade tonkatsu sauce or special sesame miso sauce

so restaurant Japanese food gyu shigureni beef
Angus Beef simmered in So sauce アンガスビーフのすき煮 £16

Simmered slices of Angus beef and onion

japanese food foie gras with aromatic mushroom
So‘s Foie Gras Sauteéd in special sauce フォアグラのソテー 特製ソース £27

So’s original and signature dish served with aromatic mushrooms



Ju・Don with Rice

So Restaurant Japanese Food Sushi takeaway London delivery grilled eel kabayaki
Grilled Eel Kabayaki Ju   うな重   £27

Eel grilled on Mt Fuji lava rocks with special sauce, served on rice 

So Restaurant Japanese food delivery takeaway foie gras ju
So‘s famous Foie Gras Ju   フォアグラ重   £30

So’s original and signature dish. 

So Restaurant London Japanese food delivery takeaway pickup chicken yakitori ju
Yakitori Chicken Ju   石焼き鶏重   £19

Chicken grilled over Mt Fuji lava rocks & soboro chicken & egg on rice

So Restaurant Japanese food pickup angus beef gyudon
Angus Beef Gyu-Don   アンガスビーフ牛丼  £19

Slices of Angus beef and onion simmered in sauce, on rice  

so restaurant aromatic sangenton butadon on rice
Sangenton Pork Butadon   三元豚の特製豚丼  £19

Sweet and tender sangenton pork is grilled over lava rocks. Umami packed with caramelised soy sauce, the succulent pork, simmered onions with a welcome burst of ginger makes this a wonderful topping on freshly steamed Japanese rice. Also a perfect match with sake. Enjoy with pickles and sprinkle of shichimi pepper to taste! 



So Restaurant London delivery takeaway ninja chicken curry spice
Ninja Chicken Curry   忍者チキンカレー  £15  

So’s special black chicken curry with bamboo charcoal and our special mix of spices.

Ninja or Shinobi, the famous Japanese covert agents with exceptional physical skills, are said to have kept a handful of charcoal powder with them at all times. This is because the substance clings to impurities and detoxifies, making it an excellent antidote to poison. 

Bamboo charcoal is also a rich source of minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, and iron. Enjoy a curry that is as good for you as it is delicious!  

Ninja KATSU Curry   忍者カツカレー  £22

So’s special ninja black curry with bamboo charcoal, topped with crunchy pork Katsu. Read more about our ninja curry above ☝️ 


Aromatic Mushroom and Yuzu Udon   木の子と柚子のうどん £15

Full of umami with a welcome citrus aroma from the yuzu. The dashi soup is warming and comforting, enjoy with juicy aburaage topping and a sprinkle of Japanese shichimi pepper to taste!


So Restaurant pickup takeaway udon
So Style udon   So スタイル うどん  £13

So's udon noodles with deep fried tofu, enoki mushrooms, spring onion, wakame seaweed, agedama, and dashi broth. Enjoy with a sprinkle of shichimi pepper to taste!

So Restaurant Japanese food london delivery pickup takeaway miso soup
Miso Soup   味噌汁   £3




Sashimi Selection    £30

Tuna Sashimi Selection   £28

Salmon and Tuna Sashimi Selection   £24

Salmon Sashimi Selection   £19



salmon avocado chirashi sushi
Salmon & Avocado Chirashi サーモンアボカドちらし寿司 £15

Salmon lovers’ dream- salmon & avocado on a bed of sushi rice 

chirashi sushi
Chirashi Sushi   ちらし寿司   £23  

Selection of sliced fish on a bed of sushi rice 


Nigiri Sushi Selection   握り寿司盛り合せ   £33

Fine selection of Nigiri Sushi 

Salmon Selection   サーモン尽くし   £21

Nothing but Salmon. Salmon Nigiri, Maki, and sashimi

Tuna Selection まぐろ尽くし   £30

Tuna, Tuna and Tuna. Tuna Nigiri, Maki, and sashimi

So restaurant japanese food Salmon & Crab Alaska Roll
Salmon & Crab Alaska Roll
 サーモンと蟹のアラスカロール £21

Salmon and Crab uramaki roll

So Restaurant Japanese Food Spicy Tuna Roll with Avocado
Spicy Tuna Roll スパイシーツナ巻き   £10

Tuna uramaki roll with So special chilli sauce    

Salmon and Avocado Roll サーモンアボカド巻き   £8

Salmon and Avocado uramaki roll

So restaurant japanese food nigiri sushi selection for five
Nigiri Sushi Selection   握り寿司盛り合せ (4-5人前)    £114

Fine selection of Nigiri Sushi for 4-5 people. Available for pre-order only, please order by phone 02071 129 046 or email and allow 2 hours for preparation.

So Restaurant Japanese Food London Delivery Maki Sushi Selection for Five
Maki Sushi Selection   巻き寿司盛り合せ (4-5人前) £92

Alaska Roll, Salmon & Avocado Roll, Spicy Tuna Roll for 4-5 ppl. Available for pre-order only, please order by phone 02071 129 046 or email and allow 2 hours for preparation.




matcha green tea cake with organic soy okara crunches

Matcha Cake served with organic soy crunches 抹茶ケーキとオーガニックおからクッキー   £9

Delicately crisp and crumbly on the outside with a rich and decadent centre, our rich and flavourful matcha cake has always been a customer favourite. Served with our special organic okara soy and raisin crunches. This must be tried ❤️