Sozai Deli Selection for Two 23 June【惣菜セット2人前】
Sozai Deli Selection for Two 23 June【惣菜セット2人前】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sozai Deli Selection for Two 23 June【惣菜セット2人前】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Sozai Deli Selection for Two 23 June【惣菜セット2人前】

Sozai Deli Selection for Two 23 June【惣菜セット2人前】

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* 日本語は下方をご覧ください

A selection of Seasonal Japanese Sozai dishes

MENU for two 

Sangenton Pork Ginger

String Beans Tossed in Walnut Miso

Dried Kiriboshi Daikon Nimono

Japanese Pickles

Sozai set dispatching Thursday 23rd June features a sweet and salty umami packed Sangenton pork ginger. Sides include seasonal green string beans tossed in an aromatic walnut miso, kiriboshi daikon radish nimono casserole that is packed with minerals like potassium and calcium, and Japanese pickles of Takuan and Shibazuke. 


Vacuum sealed So Sozai Selection can be warmed and enjoyed at any time you wish

Unlike delivery food that is best eaten as soon as it arrives, these air tight packages can be stored in the fridge from 3-7 days (depending on dish, details will be on each packet). 
Serve the package with rice and miso soup and make a meal for two or enjoy them one by one over a a few meals, there's lots of flexibility!  


A little bit about the word 'sozai'

Sozai has two meanings. 素材 (pronounced sozai) that means ingredient(s), and 惣菜 (pronounced sor-zai) which describes pre-prepared and packed main and side dishes that can be reheated and enjoyed at home. Similar to what may be referred to as 'deli'.

So Restaurant's delivery is of the latter 'sor-zai', which is typically eaten as accompaniments to rice and miso soup.

One delivery of 'sozai selection' will make a substantial meal for 2 people, when served with rice and miso soup. We often hear that it was enough for a family of four, or a couple enjoyed it slowly over a few days. Please bear in mind, these are subjective comments and will depend on all sorts of factors including how hungry everyone is! 



  • If you are not sure you’ll be in please leave instructions regarding where the delivery can be left upon check out. As perishable goods the delivery needs to be completed on the first attempt.  
  • Limited sets available, early booking is advised
  • Order closes at 3pm day before dispatch.

Please Note

  • Please refrigerate after delivery.
  • Vacuum strength will depend on content. Some items will be softly packed to avoid crushing.
  • Menu can change depending on ingredients we are able to source.
  • Rice and miso soup are not included.
  • Pictures are for illustrative purposes.
  • Please email us at for any queries.  
  • So Restaurant is not an allergy-free kitchen. Items may come into contact with any allergens listed or not listed.



    お品書き (2人前:4品)






    お惣菜セットは、真空パックでお届けいたします。賞味期限は、冷蔵保管の未開封で3日〜7日ほどとなり、詳細は各パッケージに記載しております。内容量は、お二人でご飯とお味噌汁と一緒にお召し上がりいただける分量としております。各惣菜は、個別にパックしておりますので複数回のお食事に分けてお召し上がりいただくこともできます。お酒の肴、夕飯のおかずとして、So Restaurant 心尽くしの惣菜デリバリーを御賞味下さい。


    * ご注文受付は、発送日前日3pmまでとなります。
    * 写真はイメージです。今週のお届け内容は上記メニューをご確認ください。
    * ご飯と味噌汁は含まれていません。
    * 冷蔵保存してください。温め方法は同封してお届けします。
    * 内容に寄って真空具合を調整しています。潰れやすいものは真空を弱めに設定しています。
    * 仕入れ状況に寄り、メニューに変更がある場合があります。
    * So Restaurant キッチンは、アレルギーフリーではありません。
    お問い合わせは までご連絡ください

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