Our deep love for silky buttery salmon


We love salmon at So Restaurant

  So Restaurant Smoked salmon with sashimi grade fish

We cannot count the number of items on our menu that include salmon on one hand. On our small plates menu, there's our smoked salmon (above) made with painstaking dedication using the best sashimi grade salmon. This luscious smoked salmon also makes an appearance as an ingredient in our shichifuku seven fortune make sushi that is a real festival of a sushi roll! 

*shichifuku maki seven fortune roll is available to be enjoyed at the restaurant as a pre-order only menu. For details, please see 'special pre-order only menu' on this page;



So restaurant salmon rikyu yaki


Then there's the salmon rikyu-yaki (above) which again, is made with sashimi grade salmon marinated in our special miso mixture and grilled with a beautiful coat of aromatic sesame seeds.

Rikyu-yaki is named after the famous tea ceremony master, Sen no Rikyū, who is said to have adored sesame seeds.

So's salmon rikyu-yaki is oven grilled so the layer of sesame seeds is crispy and aromatic, we promise you'll love this in its entirety and there'll be absolutely nothing left on your plate♡ and it's really quite pretty!



So Japanese restaurant set lunch weekdays salmon rikyu yaki


Salmon rikyu-yaki also features on the weekday special set lunch menu (above) that includes miso soup, Japanese pickles and a bowl of steamed fluffy Japanese rice (with free refills!).


 so restaurant salmon and avocado chirashi sushi


Then there's our ever popular, salmon and avocado chirashi sushi (above) that is a generous portion of cubed salmon sashimi and mellow avocado atop a bed of sushi rice. Chirashi means 'scatter' in Japanese and refers to the way the cubed sashimi and other ingredients are layered on the rice.

One way we like to enjoy chirashi sushi is by making a sauce of wasabi and soy sauce and pouring over the entire bowl. Make this sauce by placing some wasabi in the small soy sauce plate, pour over soy sauce and mix together. Chopsticks may be tricky to balance all the cubed goodness, in which case don't be afraid to ask for a spoon. Japanese people ause spoons all the time! 


Not to forget the fact that salmon is packed with nutrition.
It is an excellent source of protein, healthy fats, and various essential vitamins and minerals. So what is there not to love about this oily fish?!

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