Sangenton Pork Butadon Topping【三元豚の特製豚丼の具】

Sangenton Pork Butadon Topping【三元豚の特製豚丼の具】

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Sweet and tender sangenton pork is grilled over lava rocks. Umami packed with caramelised soy sauce, the succulent pork, simmered onions with a welcome burst of ginger makes this a wonderful topping on freshly steamed Japanese rice. Super easy to reheat and recreate a restaurant dish at home. Also a perfect match with sake. Serve with pickles and sprinkle a bit of shichimi pepper to taste! We also love a raw egg topping, should you fancy. Rice is not included.


Package includes

  • So style Butadon Topping, vacuum packed 
    • Allergens:  wheat, gluten, soy 
  • Shichimi Pepper  
    • Allergens:  sesame seeds
  • Japanese Pickles


    Best Before

    • Please store in fridge after delivery and consume within 7 days


    Heating Instructions

    Sangenton Pork Butadon is completely cooked, so only needs to be reheated. The below are generic instructions and exact timings will vary depending on your appliance. Always make sure the food is piping hot before you eat.

    • We recommend reheating in hot water. Boil water in a large pan and stop the heat. Sink unopened package completely and leave for 3,4 minutes


    • Open contents of package onto a microwave proof dish and warm for 1,2 minutes


    Please note

    • Suitable for freezing. Please freeze before best before date. Thaw and reheat by above method.
    • So Restaurant is not an allergy-free kitchen. Items may come into contact with any of the allergens listed or not listed 


    【三元豚100% 特製 豚丼の具】




    • 豚丼の具 (真空パック) *ご飯は別売りです
    • 七味唐辛子
    • お漬物



    • 未開封で7日間(商品に記載しています)
    • 到着後は冷蔵で保存してください


    • 湯煎がおすすめです。鍋に熱湯を沸かし、火を止め、パックを完全に浸かるように入れて3〜4分間おいてください


    • パックの中身を耐熱容器に空け、レンジで1〜2分間の加熱



    • 冷凍保存も可能(賞味期限内に冷凍してください)
    • 解凍後は、上記「あたため方」でお召し上がりください

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