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Hinamatsuri Festive Meal for Two【数量限定】ひな祭り料理(2人前)

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Celebrate 'Hinamatsuri' like in Japan!


MENU for two 

Amazake made with Sake Lees from Cambridge Dojima Brewery 

Young Bamboo and Wakame Wakatakeni

So's Chirashi Sushi

Hamaguri Clam Osuimono Soup

Hinamatsuri also known as Momo no Sekku, is a celebration for girls. Read more about Hinamatsuri in our blog.


Hinamatsuri Festive Meal Details 

Amazake made with Sake Lees from Cambridge Dojima Brewery 

So's Hinamatsuri Festive meal starts with a beautifully smooth Amazake drink made with sake lees from Dojima Brewery, UK's first Japanese owned sake brewery.


Young Bamboo and Wakame Wakatakeni

Wakatakeni is simmered young bamboo shoots with wakame. Symbolising the bringing together of new life sprouting in Spring, bamboo from the mountains and wakame from the ocean.


So's Chirashi Sushi

Chirashi sushi means sprinkled sushi. So's version is adorned with a generous mixture of diced homemade smoked salmon, grilled eel kabayaki, tiger prawns, and flying fish roe. As we are also celebrating the coming of spring, we add colourful topping to this; kinshi egg (thin egg slices), slices of shiitake mushrooms simmered in sweet soy, cubes of vinegared lotus root, greens, carrots, and pickles. The ingredients symbolise health and longevity, and is a vision of blooming spring!


Hamaguri Clam Osuimono Soup

Hamaguri clam osuimono is a clear soup rich with umami from the broth of  hamaguri and kombu kelp. Hamaguri clams are a symbol of partnership as they can only pair with the pair they come with.

Vacuum sealed Japanese Hinamatsuri Festive Meal

Hinamatsuri Festive Meal will be delivered in air tight packages, and can be stored unopened in the fridge for 5-7 days (depending on dish, details will be on each packet). Limited sets available, early booking is advised.

  • Dispatch is 1st March. Next-day delivery is arranged but please bear in mind it can take an extra day.
  • Please keep refrigerated. Delicious at room temperature or heated.
  • Menu is subject to change without notice.
  • Images are for illustrative purposes 


2021年3月1日発送、翌日3月2日のお届けを予定しておりますが、COVID 19と国境管理に伴う物流量の増加により、翌々日のお届けとなる場合がございます。


お品書き (2人前)

堂島酒醸造所の酒粕で作る 特製 甘酒


So's ちらし寿司


【数量限定】So Restaurant のお料理で『ひな祭り』をお祝いしませんか






<堂島酒醸造所の酒粕で作る 特製 甘酒>

 ケンブリッジ郊外のフォーダムアビー城で酒造りを行う堂島酒醸造所から特別にお分けいただいた貴重な酒粕で作る特製の甘酒  * 甘酒は、酒粕を使用しておりますので、ごくわずかですがアルコール成分が残っています。



<So's ちらし寿司>

 特製スモークサーモン、鰻の蒲焼、車海老、とびこ、錦糸玉子、椎茸の甘辛煮、酢蓮根、青菜、にんじん、香の物 を散りばめた華やかで味わい深いちらし寿司





* 『ひな祭り」の云われは、ブログをご覧ください。
* 材料の仕入れ状況により内容は変更となる場合がございます。
* お品書き、お料理のあたため方を同封いたします。
* 商品の到着後は冷蔵で
* 写真やイラストはイメージです。

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