Ninja KATSU Curry Topping 【*忍者カツカレー】
Ninja KATSU Curry Topping 【*忍者カツカレー】
Ninja KATSU Curry Topping 【*忍者カツカレー】
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ninja KATSU Curry Topping 【*忍者カツカレー】
  • Load image into Gallery viewer, Ninja KATSU Curry Topping 【*忍者カツカレー】

Ninja KATSU Curry Topping 【*忍者カツカレー】

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Are you on a double mission? Then this curry is for you! 

So Restaurant's Ninja KATSU curry is a warming curry with bamboo charcoal and our special mix of spices topped with a crunchy Chicken Katsu. A warming and satisfying dish!

Ninja or Shinobi, the famous Japanese covert agents with exceptional physical skills, are said to have kept a handful of charcoal powder with them at all times. This is because the substance clings to impurities and detoxifies, making it an excellent antidote to poison. 

Bamboo charcoal is also a rich source of minerals like calcium, potassium, sodium, iron. Curry has never been so good for the body! Rice is not included.

Package includes
  • Ninja curry sauce, vacuum packed *Rice is sold separately
  • Chicken Katsu

    Ingredients chicken, panko bread crumbs (wheat, gluten), celery, onion,
    curry roux (gluten), rapeseed oil, cardamom, cinnamon, soy sauce (soy), bamboo charcoal
    Allergens in bold


      Best Before

      • CURRY: Please consume within 7 days of delivery, store in fridge
      • KATSU:  Please consume within 5 days of delivery, store in fridge


      Heating Instructions

      Please keep refrigerated until time to eat.


      • We recommend reheating in hot water. Boil water in a large pan and stop the heat. Sink unopened package completely and leave for 3,4 minutes


      • Open contents of package onto a microwave proof dish and warm for 1,2 minutes


        • Warm in oven for 2-3 minutes, turn over midway and watch over so it doesn't burn

        Please note

        • Suitable for freezing. Please freeze before best before date. Thaw and reheat by above method.
        • Rice is not included
        • So Restaurant is not an allergy-free kitchen. Items may come into contact with any of the allergen ingredients listed or not listed.


        So Restaurant 人気の忍者カツカレーは、竹炭と数十種類のオリジナルスパイスで仕上げたスパイシーカレーとサクサクに揚げたリッチでジューシーなチキンカツが織りなす唯一無二な一皿に仕上げております。



        • 特製忍者カレーソース(真空パック)*ご飯は別売り
        • 特製チキンカツ(真空パック)


        • 未開封で5日間(商品に記載しています)
        • 到着後は冷蔵で保存してください



        • 湯煎がおすすめです。鍋に熱湯を沸かし、火を止め、パックを完全に浸かるように入れて3〜4分間おいてください


        • 真空パックの中身を耐熱容器に空け、電子レンジで1〜2分間の加熱
          • オーブンやトースターで2〜3分間、焦げないよう注意しながら温めてください


          • 冷凍保存も可能(賞味期限内に冷凍してください)
          • 解凍後は、上記「あたため方」でお召し上がりください

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