So's Mixed Grains & Rice set【So特製 十一穀米セット】
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So's Mixed Grains & Rice set【So特製 十一穀米セット】

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Our special blend of mixed grains is easy to add to everyday rice, upgrading it with an instant boost of minerals, vitamins and fibre to make a nutritious side dish.

So's blend includes fibre-rich brown rice and barley, black rice with plenty of anthocyanin, buckwheat packed with rutin, sorghum rice that is rich in magnesium... that adds a wonderful texture to plain white rice.

This package includes the special blend of grains and a pack of 1.5kg of Niigata Koshihikari rice. After trying various brands of rice, the So Restaurant team decided upon this brand that has great texture and aroma, beautiful shine, and a well-balanced sweetness. 


Package includes

  • 150g of uncooked mixed grains
    Ingredients: Oats (24%), Brown Rice (20%), Black Rice (15%), Pearl Rice (11%), Whole Wheat (8%), Buckwheat (6%), Rye (4%), Barley (3%), Black Bean (3%),  Sorghum Rice (3%), Green Bean (3%) 
    Allergens in Bold
  • 1.5kg of uncooked Niigata Koshihikari Rice

Best Before

  • Please consume within a year of delivery, store in cool dark place

Cooking instructions

  • Add a tablespoon (15g) of mixed grains to 150g washed rice (no need to wash the grains). 
  • Add water as you would usually for the rice, plus a tablespoon of extra water for the grains, and cook as usual. See our blog 'How to cook perfect rice in a pan, every time'


    Please note

    • Store in cool dark dry place, in airtight container
    • Limited to one unit per order.
    • Photos are for illustrative purposes


    【So 特製 十一雑米と新潟コシヒカリ米のセット】






    • 雑穀ミックス 150g
      原材料: オーツ麦 (24%), 玄米 (20%), 黒米 (15%), もち米 (11%), 全粒小麦 (8%), 蕎麦の実 (6%), ライ麦 (4%),  (3%), 黒豆 (3%),  きび (3%), 緑豆 (3%) 
    • 新潟コシヒカリ 1.5Kg


    • 商品到着より1年間 詳細は商品のラベルに記載しております。


    • 直射日光、高温多湿を避けてください。開封後は、出来るだけふたがついた容器で保存してください。 


    • 洗ったお米1合(150g)に対して、雑穀ミックスを大さじ1(15g)の割合で加えます(雑穀ミックスは洗う必要はありません)。
    • お水も同量の大さじ1の割合で加えて、いつものように炊きます。


      * この商品は一回のご注文につき、一点までとさせていただきます。 

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