Special 5% VAT rate for hospitality didn't apply to us



Dear customers,

When the government announced the temporary 5% VAT rate for hospitality in July 2020, we understood this applied to us. Hoping to give back to our customers instead of gaining the difference ourselves, we immediately reduced all our prices.

Unfortunately, we now learn that the 5% VAT cut never applied to 'off-premises' consumption which our delivery falls under. This means we will have to pay 20% VAT for the past six months even though we had only been charging our customers 5%. 

Frankly, as you can imagine, this is a huge blow to our business.

We had been hoping to continue the 5% VAT rate through to March 2021 in accordance with the special rate treatment but this is no longer possible. 

This is why all prices of delivery items have been amended to include a 20% VAT from today, 2nd January 2021.

It is of course our responsibility for failing to realise this sooner and honestly we are very sorry that our prices seemingly have gone up over night. The truth is, we need to spring back from this shocking realisation and scramble back on our feet to at least make enough to keep the restaurant afloat.

We do hope you understand and decide to continue to support us by buying our food, and maybe give us a good review for encouragement! 

More information about Temporary 5% VAT rate for hospitality – how it works



So RestaurantのVATの扱いについてCovid-19の感染に伴う飲食業への支援の一環として英国政府が6月8日に発表、7月15日より施行されたTemporary reduced rate of VAT for hospitality, holiday accommodation and attractions で本来なら20%のVATがかかるところを5%に引き下げるという発表に基づいてSo RestaurantではそのVATの差額を皆様に還元すべく即刻価格改定を行いました。


7月15日以降今までご注文いただいた販売に関して全て20%の適応を受けますが、お支払い済の分に関してはそのままお受けしSo Restaurantが負担するものとさせていただきます。