Omakase Sashimi Selection and its best supporting actors

Chef's Sashimi Selection is quite the spectacle, deserving of all the Oohhs & Aahhs it receives 😊
A carefully laid out colourful array of the freshest ingredients available on the day can include tuna, salmon, sea bream, sea bass, ikura salmon roe, home cured mackerel/tuna, scallop, squid... with exquisite home made decorations and garnishes.
Prepare to be wowed!

Garnishes are more than just pretty

so restaurant wasabi sashimi

Let's start at the very beginning (a very good place to start ♪)
The most famous garnish I think we can all agree is wasabi, わさび, Japanese horseradish. The strong anti bacterial properties of which are an excellent pairing with raw fish especially in the olden days when fridges weren't all that prevalent.
These days we enjoy it purely for the addictive sharp fresh hotness. Sashimi and sushi don't feel complete without this extraordinary punch of a vegetable. It's also known to be packed with vitamin c and apparently aids collagen production!
The fresh rhizomes are grated on a shark skin grater. Someone very clever realised it was the best instrument to get that smooth paste. 
Did you know that freshly grated wasabi isn't as poignant? Leave it for a few minutes and it reacts with the air and develops that delectable kick.
Wasabi is also known as 'namida' the word for 'tear' in Japanese, as it can bring even the most bravest people to tears, used in excess. There is such a thing as 'namida maki' which is fresh wasabi finely cut and rolled as a single ingredient. Crunchy, fresh and completely vegan!
*So Restaurant does not serve 'namida maki' at the moment.
So Restaurant Japanese London daikon tsuma sashimi sushi
Next up is the delicate shreds of daikon radish also known as 'tsuma'. As well as being a refreshing palate cleanser, the nutrients in daikon aid digestion. Also having anti bacterial properties, it helped keep the sashimi fresh in the old days and the white fluffiness also makes the plate prettier.
I learnt recently that the word Tsuma comes from the word wife, tsuma 妻.
My reference stating 'where sashimi is the protagonist, tsuma is the exquisite supportive actor' may call for some debate but it describes how it's similar to how in baseball the best catchers are referred to tsuma of the pitchers. In short, they are perfect partners. Let's leave it at that.
On another note, in one questionnaire conducted in 2015, only 76% of the people said that they actually ate the tsuma on the sashimi board. What a shame! The tsuma cutting is not an easy task. Much time and expertise is spent on it so let's do indulge!
 so restaurant Japanese London shiso leaves sashimi sushi
The fragrant green leaves are called shiso or Ohba. They also have antibiotic properties and a distinct fresh aroma. Try wrapping around a piece of sashimi with a dot of wasabi and enjoy together.
 So Restaurant London Japanese shiso red sashimi sushi
Shiso can also come in red, or a purplish colour. These are usually used for shiso juice or pickling plum to make that tangy umeboshi that Japanese people love to have with onigiri.
One very interesting anecdote about umeboshi. The thought of umeboshi stimulates our taste buds so much that when food or drink was scarce, people used to look at umeboshi to salivate and quench thirst. but I digress...
Carrot swirls- now these are mainly for you to marvel at as they are made one by one by hand. Of course they are edible, adding a bit of crunch and veg to balance your diet 😃
 So Restaurant Japanese food London Bamboo leaf sashimi sushi wasabi
Finally we have the bamboo leaf - boldly, carefully, being the first to enter the stage, steadily holding the array of omakase sashimi beauty together. A touch of green always makes the sashimi selection pop! This is sadly not edible.
So there we go!
There are also other details that enliven our sashimi presentations from time to time that will hopefully bring some joy and smiles 😉
Please let us know if there is anything on your sashimi plate or any other plate for that matter, that you would like to know more about.
We'd be SO delighted to help you out 🐟
Sashimi can be ordered by fish, or a plate of a selection of omakase sashimi is always an excellent place to start. Enjoy!
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  So Restaurant Japanese food sashimi sushi fresh
Sashimi is also available for takeaway so you can enjoy in the garden or in the park 🌲 woop woop 🙌