Introducing our NEW🏮 YATAI food stalls


🍣 Newly installed ⭐️

Yatai food stalls represent jovial times.

Whilst enjoying the display of fireworks, blooming cherry blossoms, song and dance at summer festivals, the whift of yakisoba, takoyaki, oden from yatai attract hungry souls. 

Yatai is fast accessible casual dining, and where Japanese fast food was born.

You may be surprised to hear that sushi, tempura, were fast food before they became sophisticated and elavated to their current status.

The casual, easy, yatai version were much simpler with less garnish and 'shigoto' intricate handiwork by the chefs, but a quick way to satiate a hungry worker hurrying on their way.

Yatai dishes soon to come!

We're planning everyone's favourites of takoyaki, edamame, agedofu, nikumiso, korokke, katsu, gakko cheese, and lots more...

Dine like in the deep shitamachi back streets of Tokyo!


Yatai became popular in mid Edo era (1650-1750)

Above: one such yatai selling freshly fried tempura