How Japanese are you? - the quiz

Japanese people are known to be.... many things ūüėČ

Find out how Japanese you are!



  1. You're in a fairly long queue to get into the supermarket and your phone is entertaining you, but wait, someone has just sneaked in in front of you. What do you do?

    A Gently pat them on the shoulder and let them know where the end of the queue is, in case they missed it

    B Make loud remarks about rude queue-cutting people to yourself

    C Pretend not to notice and hope the people behind you don't either

  2. You find a scarf on the pavement.

    A Ah just what you needed, let's wrap it around

    B No touching, never know where it could have been

    C Tie it to the nearest fence, so it doesn't fly away or get trodden on and the person who dropped it could easily find it if they come looking for it

  3. Yey your favourite cafe has opened up for al fresco brunch! You've been waiting for this plate of fluffy Japanese soufflé pancakes for so long! hold on, I ordered matcha cream (my all time favourite), not hojicha cream (my third favourite)... I do love both but...

    A I have to ask for my correct order, I've waited too long to not have it perfect

    B I'll check if it was intended for another table, and if not I say 'Never mind but I won't pay for it'

    C They're so busy, I won't make a fuss

  4. You're helping out as a volunteer at a beer tasting event at your local pub

    A You try to get away with as little effort as possible

    B You decide you're not well on the day and ghost

    Not only do you come early, you make sure you leave your area cleaner than it was when you arrived
  5. Your neighbours are having a garden party, it looks like so much fun...

    A Let's knock on their door and fish for an invite

    B I'll fiddle about in my own garden hoping they see me and ask me to join

    C I'll take occasional peeks out my window and observe


The verdict ūüéČ

How many Cs do you have?

Zero Cs:  3% Japanese 

You are on your way to start your Japanese journey, the most exciting time of all. We have some perfect suggestions to get you in the groove. Starting with fresh sushi to be enjoyed in our al fresco dining area, open Mon-Wed 12-4pm, Thurs-Sat 12-8:30pm

One-Two C:  28% Japanese

You're on to a good start. If you'd like to up your Japanese game, we recommend one aromatic mushroom and yuzu udon, Chicken Katsu Curry and a free copy of Journey Magazine every week to channel your inner Japanese. 



Three - Four Cs:  79% Japanese

You're doing extremely Japanesey. If you're looking to reach higher levels, we suggest including a seared mackerel sushi, salmon marinated in shio-koji with yuzu, and a steaming bowl of Japanese rice to your diet to seal the deal.  *Fluffy Japanese rice can be achieved so easily at home with any old pan you have as long as it has a lid. Read more here.

 So Restaurant London Japanese food delivery takeaway pickup sushi sashimi


Five Cs:  99% Japanese

Well done! There's only thing left to say, cake. Enjoy a slice of matcha cake and share with your neighbours (one cake makes 5-6 slices). They will surely ask you around for their next garden party without your needing to be any less Japanese. 




Please note this quiz is just for fun and can be very inaccurate.