Eat up! Oily fish skin is the best part

Miso Marinated Black Cod - one of our most popular menus!

So Restaurant Miso marinated black cod

The miso marinated black cod is one of our most sought after menus.
Marinated in miso overnight, it's divinely smooth, full of sweetness and umami, and is an exceptional partner with Japanese fluffy rice or sake.

We serve our black cod with a little side veg that can vary. The above version is with red cabbage pickled with saltanas, a side dish that is often included in our weekly sozai set available for UK wide delivery.


But I digress... did you know that


Fish skin is one of the most nutrient rich parts




Fish skin is full of collagen that is said to improve skin elasticity. It's also packed with the good stuff that supports optimal human health, such as protein, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E. 


Not only is it good for you, it also tastes amazing. Rich and full of umami, you could say it's the intensified bit of the fish. When we see customers at the restaurant leaving the skin, we gently let them know how wondrous it is and encourage them to give it a try. When they do, they thank us profusely after! 


Just so you know, just not all fish skin

We prepare our miso marinated black cod in a way that the skin is sumptuous and ready to be devoured. To be clear, not all fish skin is suitable to eat. 

For example, tuna is rarely served with the skin. This is because it's thick and tough. In Japan, tuna kama, meaning head, is a delicacy but even then, the skin is rather tough and is left untouched. Swordfish and monkfish also have thick, leathery skins that you probably want to avoid.


Our umami packed miso marinated black cod is available at the restaurant to dine in and for takeaway, and nationwide delivery so you can enjoy restaurant food in the comfort of your own home. See here for dispatch dates.